Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Ministry Highlights: WILD GAME SUPPER

 Every year in April, the brotherhood of our church, Enterprise Baptist, hosts a wild game supper. Activities start at 3 p.m. with events such as archery, a coon dog treeing / barking contest, hatchet throwing, etc. Each contest has prizes. This year the biggest prize, $100, went to the best archer. Several other awards and door prizes were given, some of which were donated by area businesses. We also encouraged fishermen and hunters to bring fishing and hunting trophies or pictures to show. This year there were several deer mounts, a wild boar (complete with tusks) killed by a 23-year-old woman of our church, and pictures of giant catfish (caught by hand grabblers.)

About 5 p.m. we concluded the activities with a gospel message and a meal which consisted mostly of wild game. This year our speaker was Mr. Gene Sturgis. He is a deacon, and he and his wife discipled my husband and me when we were first saved, over thirty years ago. Mr. Gene included Tony in hunting and fishing trips and taught him visitation and soul-winning. He gave a clear presentation of the gospel for the lost and included instruction to the saved from Acts chapter 3. We had about 70 in attendance, and at least 7 of those are not saved. No public decisions were made, but we are praying that God will bring conviction on their hearts and add them to the church. Please pray with us to that end.

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