Friday, October 26, 2012

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

For many people entering into Christmas is their busiest time of year.  As for me and my house.........we're always busy.  At least I'm always busy.

Right, wrong, or in between, I find myself with a giant to do list and deadlines to finish before mid November.  I'm a little weary and wonder how I'm going to get through it all.

It's like sitting down at an enormous elephant with a fork and knife in hand and being told to eat all of him.

So, how is it that you eat an elephant?

It really is quite simple.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time.  There's no other way to do it.

At times I get a little convicted about how busy I am, but realistically this is a busy season in life.  I've been making a vested effort not to work after sunset, and this has helped me refresh some.

I'm reminded of the words:

"Let us labor for the master
From the dawn till setting sun
Let us talk of all his wondrous love and care
Then when all of life is over
And our work on earth is done
When the roll is called up yonder

I'll be there."

KM Logan


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