Wednesday, June 19, 2013

God Led Music and Ministry

Last week I shared with you a playlist of songs that we had led our church in during a recent Sunday service.  This week I felt led to talk about how we choose the music each week. 

First of all, the music that we share in worship service each Sunday is God led.  We don't just look through the music and say "Oh, I want to sing that one, and that one, and that one!"  The few times that I have tried that, it hasn't gone well.  Songs I love and I usually sing well seemed to crumble to dust in my mouth as I stubbornly fought for them, even though that wasn't what God had chosen for the service.

I am still learning that my way isn't always the right way, and that there are times I need to just stop and listen, instead of forging ahead with whatever I want (okay, well that's really all the time, but I do remember some of the time). 

We choose the music for each Sunday's service through prayer and time in the Word of God.  Sometimes a song will just be present in one or both of our hearts and heads through the week, sometimes a scripture will cause me to break into song, and sometimes songs  just seem to stick out as we are going through the music box, but if we're not spending that time in prayer and in God's Word, asking for His guidance and direction, then we struggle.

So many times I have seen God bring together the music and the sermon miraculously.  I know that when Paul is preaching people may think that we go through and find music to match the message, but we don't.  Sometimes God even changes the message He has for Paul to share at church that day!  And, even on days when Paul is at work and someone is filling in, God still blends the music and the message to glorify Him. 

To me this is a message that everything I do needs to be for God, and that I need to be seeking His will and His word in everything that I pursue. 

Are you seeking God's will and His word today?

God Bless,

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